Cotton+Steel Wings

Earlier in the summer I wound up at Fabric Depot with mom when a display caught my eye.


I looked over it, found out what the awesome fabric was and as any 20-something with a smartphone would do – began researching. I found myself on the Cotton+Steel website, on the Twitter account and Instagram. Before we had even exited the store, I’d pulled up a picture on the Instagram of a quilt called “Flutter”. After a little more research I’d ordered Fat Quarter Style and the pattern (along with 11 others) was on the way.

I’d picked my pattern now I needed fabric. Through the Cotton+Steel Instagram I’d learned how the fabric was made and the connections to the different designers – that would be my fabric.


The first haul yielded these results, while a trip to Modern Domestic (super cool shop), added to my supplies.



After some cutting, my fist round of rectangles were ready to roll, 13 different designs – with a 14th to be revealed later (as a little shoutout to one of my best friends).


The Beginning

Long as I can remember there’s been a sewing machine around, but it was mom’s (still is) and I was playing baseball or golf and that was about it.

Around my 18th birthday, with mom’s help, I gave quilting a go for the first time. Lots of blues in my first quilt (not a fan of blues, but they tend to show up a bit), but more important for a first-timer – LOTS of straight lines and squares. Nothing too complicated, but at 18 my first quilt was born.

Blue Quilt

I went off to college, with quilts mom had made me – but my first winter break was an opportunity for mom and I to go to work on my first experience with flannel and making a “me-sized” quilt. My winter break quilt, which was included in a quilt show that year (for some reason) has been with me all around Oregon and even with me during my three years in South Carolina.

In addition to keeping me warm, this quilt was designed to show off my favorite color (red) and feel “Autumn-y”.

Flannel Quilt

My next quilt came as a junior in college as I made a pink and green quilt for a good friend from the dorms.


And finally quilt number four, for my good friend Ashley, took on a life of its own through use of some of mom’s scraps – and a few new pieces that caught my eye. Proud to know that some seven years after making this quilt, it is used still by Ashley and her first son.


I hope to chronicle new projects here as I dive into the world of Cotton+Steel and learn a new technique or two.